The 5 Reasons I Meditate and Why I Suck At It

Happy Friday Everyone!  I hope your week was free of drama and stress.  If it wasn’t, then at least it’s the weekend and next week is a new week.  Today I want to talk about meditation.  According to wikipedia, meditation is…

a practice where an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to realize some benefit or for the mind to simply acknowledge its content without becoming identified with that content,[1] or as an end in itself.


I don’t know what the hell that means.  To me, meditation is a chance to slow down, focus and recharge.  I think everyone’s definition of meditation is slightly different based on their experiences.  Some people talk of enlightening experiences where they have amazing clarity, speak to their spirit guides and enter a different state of being.  I’m lucky if I can sit for 10 minutes without grabbing on to one thought and thinking the shit out of it.  By the time I realize that I’ve been mulling over the same thought for way too long it’s almost time to stop meditating.  Meditation does not come easy for me, in fact, I kind of suck at it.  Why do I do it then?  Let me tell you my top 5 reasons that I meditate.

  1. It relaxes me.  I know what you’re thinking, I just told you that most of the time I grab on to one thought and obsess over it for the majority of my mediation.  That does happen, and it’s frustrating but at the same time, it’s relaxing because I spend my entire day with what feels like millions of thoughts running through my head at the same time.  What am I going to wear tomorrow, did I pack everything in Addie’s backpack, what is on my to-do list for tomorrow, did I remember to thaw dinner?  It’s exhausting to have so many thoughts running through my brain at a constant rate.  So, though I might grab on to a single thought and hold it there for my entire meditation I’m relaxed because it’s a single thought, just one, not many and I can focus on just that one.
  2. It’s time for me.  I really only have about 10 minutes a day that I can squeeze in my meditation but for those 10 minutes, it’s just me.  No one bothers me, I’m not trying to multi-task 5 different things and I can sit and just be.  These are my magic minutes.  It’s not a lot and some days I definitely wish I had more but those 10 minutes are always mine, every day and I look forward to them.
  3. I feel more centered.   It doesn’t take too many missed days of meditation for me to start to feel off kilter.  When I’m meditating regularly I feel less frazzled and able to focus my attention to the here and now.  When I allow my meditation practice to fall by the wayside I begin to feel disjointed and I find myself focusing more on the past or wishing for the future.  Meditation grounds me to the moment I’m in.
  4. Sometimes, I achieve that magic moment.  There have been a hand full of times when I have been meditating and I managed to reach that magic place of peace and calm.  These moments have been magical for me and they are what keeps me trying, despite my mostly clumsy attempts at meditation.  The magic moments, when everything freezes and I’m surrounded by quiet, beauty and calm, that’s why I keep meditating.
  5. I’m learning how to trust myself.  Through meditation, I’m learning to listen to and trust that little voice that everyone has but often pushes off to the side.  I am learning, albeit slowly, to trust myself and trust that in most cases, I know what’s best.  By meditating I’m forced to sit with that voice and listen to it and honestly, it’s right way more times than it’s wrong.  My intuition and I still have a lot of work to do but we’re getting there.

Most of the time I feel like I suck at meditating and sometimes I even come out of meditation feeling like I didn’t get anything out of it but I keep doing it.  I do it because anything worth having takes hard work, determination, and practice.  What’s the fun in having everything handed to you, that doesn’t teach you anything.  I’m learning, through my shitty meditation, what works for me and what doesn’t.  I’m learning the best way to sit so I don’t pass out from exhaustion, I’m learning to stop and focus and I’m learning to listen to myself and what I need.  Meditation brings me calm in my chaotic world, that’s why I meditate.

I challenge you to set aside 10 minutes a day for a week to sit and meditate.  Find a meditation recording, sit in a quiet place with our eyes closed, whatever calls to you and take those 10 minutes to meditate.  Let me know how it goes.



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2 thoughts on “The 5 Reasons I Meditate and Why I Suck At It

  1. Love your reasons! As someone who practices and teaches Heartfulness meditation (bringing your attention towards light in the heart), I have definitely found that meditation can be a great way of taking a pause, having a moment of peace, and helping you find purpose.

    Starting with even 10 mins a day, like you said, is such a simple yet powerful way of learning how to truly be with yourself!


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